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mariano-soto-talleresMariano Soto organizes regular workshops, lectures and courses in Chinese painting and sumi-e (Japanese ink wash painting). Open to anyone interested in taking up or improving this painting technique and discipline, regardless of technical skill or prior knowledge.


Conceived with the aim of enabling the acquisition of basic technical skills to enable students to begin to practice this art form; this necessarily involves acquiring knowledge of the aesthetic and philosophical concepts that underpin oriental painting.
The longest journey begins with a single step. This journey of exploration begins with a study of the characteristics of different materials, different techniques and styles of expression, practicing brush strokes and freeing up the gestures employed, experiencing the liquidity and flow of inks and familiarizing the student with the special characteristics of rice paper and bamboo brushes.
For those wishing to increase their skill and deepen their technical, thematic and compositional knowledge, this course will give further practice and refinement of brushwork and ink management.
Chinese painting in watercolour has many technical and aesthetic principles in common with sumi-e (ink wash painting). However, the use of watercolour provides a wealth of colour and light and huge expressive possibilities.
Among the various techniques available in Chinese painting, we focus on the xie yi technique. This means "writing a painting", and refers to a style of painting reminiscent of calligraphy and stylistic considerations, involving a more expressive, natural and spontaneous approach. This is not a means of representing what the eye sees but rather what the heart sees, capturing the essence of things beyond their formal appearance.
This technique exercises the wrist and liberates the gesture. The student will learn to expand the range of colours by colour mixing and to load the brush in different ways for different effects, brush strokes that will work with the special characteristics of rice paper to produce the wonderful and unique characteristics of this art form.
For those wishing to deepen their knowledge and skills and develop the various technical, thematic and compositional techniques of Chinese painting in watercolour.
The student will expand his/her repertoire of techniques and resources for performing more elaborate compositions and studies from nature. The course also includes an introduction to the Urauchi technique, and the various ways of finishing and presenting works.
For those wishing to increase their skill and deepen their technical, thematic and compositional knowledge, this course offer students the opportunity to investigate for themselves the expressive possibilities offered by the materials used in oriental painting, and to embark on a journey towards the free expression of the imagination.
This is also an opportunity to observe the formal and technical aspects of the various oriental painting techniques, and study the concepts of composition, using them for new approaches to research and development, letting them drift into abstraction and expression potential of the free gesture.
In this workshop, we will meditate on the survival of the traditional principles of oriental painting, and relate them to other types and styles of painting and art forms, in order to generate new expressive responses and consider different solutions to the issues of personal research.
This workshop will teach the different procedures and techniques in the art of decorative painting and faux materials and effects including various types of marble, granite, malachite, lapis lazuli, wood etc. These give impressive results in trompe l'oeil architectural motifs, for restoration work, decorative, wall painting, interior design and decoration, and furniture restoration.
The course is aimed at anyone interested in learning or broadening techniques and procedures for decorative painting, murals and faux finishes imitating various materials. Learn the characteristics and uses of different paints for decorative mural painting and the right colours, materials and tools needed to and prepareand paint on different surfaces.



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